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If my house was on fire and I could run inside to get one thing, I would rush straight to our bookshelves and grab our photo albums. The memories contained within them are truly priceless. I never want to forget the way my babies fit inside my husband’s arms when they were brand new. Or the sparkly eyed smiles as they took their first steps, and the pride as they rode their first bike. The milestones I’ve collected with my camera are treasures that I would be heartbroken to lose. It seems at least once a week, my children sit together on the couch and slowly flip through the pages of one of our photo albums, delighting in the memories.

My beloved husband and I live on a little farm in Boulder with our son and daughter and a menagerie including our sweet puppy Jedi, two horses, three barn cats, and lots of chickens. We have a wide-open view of the mountains and sky, and love our time spent outside hiking, horseback riding, sunset watching and skiing.   I have my camera nearby at all times, and photograph our world every single day.

I have been surrounded by artists my whole life – my sister and my dad are both professional artists – and it seems all my immediate relatives lead inspired creative lives.   In 2003 I graduated with a Masters in education, and became a 5th grade teacher, but it wasn’t until my son was born and we moved to a tiny Caribbean island that I picked up a camera and said, “Aha! This was meant for me.” Each day I photographed my growing baby boy and the quiet life we lived on the island. Each day I learned more and grew more in love with photography. My craft grew slow and steady, and finally it bloomed into this full service photography business.   I pinch myself that I get to share my love of photography with the rest of the world.

Today I am humbled that growing families choose me to document the joy and emotion of their lives. It is my favorite thing to capture the tiny, perfect details of a brand new baby. I adore being there for the laughter and first wobbly steps, and then the love and connection to their families as they grow through the years. Showing high school seniors just how stunningly beautiful they are in a world filled with pressures from social media is just one more thing I adore about my work.  Finding new beautiful landscapes for the perfect photo background keeps me constantly inspired. We are so lucky to live among mountains, a Colorado sky, and the changing seasons where every photo session can be unique. I know that the images I take for you will become more priceless with each passing year, and so I put my whole heart into this craft.

My goal is to capture the beauty and love within your family and to help decorate your world with meaningful artwork you will treasure for years.