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Farm & Fairytale Workshop

Big skies, golden light, fields of flowers, mountain views…join me on my little farm for a 3-day workshop focused on dreamy light in beautiful surroundings. I’ll share my horses, take you to a flower farm, we’ll shoot and edit in my studio, and we’ll go to the lake at sunrise. With meals together, off-camera flash lessons, an editing session and 4 styled photo shoots at quintessential Colorado locations, I’ll share what I love about photography with you in my own backyard.

Why: To connect with amazing photographers, learn natural light, off-camera flash, posing, editing, and be inspired shooting alongside D’Ann in her own backyard

Where: My little farm in Boulder, Colorado

Who: Intermediate and advanced photographers

Workshop begins: Wednesday, August 28th 5:30pm
Workshop ends: Friday, August 30th 8:30am or 2pm*


  • 3 days
  • Limited spots for a small, intimate group where everyone feels included and safe
  • Various sessions from golden hour with horses, to sunrise sessions, a lake shoot, photo shoots with flowers, indoor and outdoor sessions
  • Natural light and off-camera flash instruction
  • Editing videos of D’Ann’s favorite images from the workshop
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Light meals and refreshments throughout the workshop
  • *Optional Add-on business intensive half day Friday

You will walk away with:

  • A deeper understanding of how to capture light and created light with off-camera flash
  • Inspiration and friendship with a small group gathering
  • Editing tools and tips – and how to create 100% homemade edits
  • How to harness light within your editing
  • An understanding of how D’Ann uses light during golden hour, inside her studio, with off-camera flash, and at sunrise
  • A deeper connection to your own personal voice as an artist
  • An understanding of how to give your subjects an amazing experience so the memory of the session is as beautiful as the final images

Kind Words

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I can’t even begin to say what this workshop meant to me. It was magic at every turn. The absolute best part of the workshop was D'ANN! It was so evident that she poured her heart and soul into every single detail and that means more than anything. I knew I would walk away with more lighting, shooting, business knowledge, but I did not expect to walk away with personal growth and realizations for myself. In my opinion these things are more valuable for myself and my family than any technical knowledge. She really knocked it out of the park. I give it 100,000,000 stars, and I def want to come back!

- Valerie
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I have a hard time leaving my family, and I’m not great at flying - but when D'Ann first talked about offering her workshop I knew I had to learn to put those things aside because the experience would far outweigh the difficulty of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Not only did I learn a ton about photography and lighting, I learned a ton about myself and I grew in ways I never anticipated. After attending the retreat I can honestly say that I feel so refreshed and energized and ready to take on the beginning stages of starting my own business. D'Ann is the greatest teacher and photographer and person and I would sign up for any of her retreats or classes in a heartbeat.

- Deanna
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D’Ann is a master of light and an exceptional teacher of photography and running a profitable business. I have had several opportunities over the years to learn from her both in-person and virtually. Attending her Farm & Fairytale workshop was an absolute dream which exceeded all my expectations. D’Ann truly wants her students to better understand photography in general, and light specifically so we may grow into the artists we are destined to be. Her kind, open personality is filled with encouragement and confidence as she says, “Yes, you can do this and I will help you get there!” The business segment add-on gave me clarity on how to move further toward achieving a more sustainable, profitable business. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of studying with her.

- Robin
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This was my first workshop and the description sounded like my ideal retreat. I knew I would be blowing it if I didn't step outside of my comfort zone and do this. To sum up the experience, it feels like a dream and it was better than I could have imagined. D'Ann carefully planned the workshop so that there was time to learn the typical photography related things, like shooting and how to manipulate natural light and off-camera flash. But she also gave us time together to build community. D'Ann shared her world with us-- not for the purpose of our leaving and having the ability to mimic her work, but so that we would be able to go back into our own worlds and be inspired to share its beauty. I also took the business-intensive add-on and D'Ann did not hold back. She walks you through her business step by step, and explains how to be profitable. The mountains, the horses, the golden fields, and especially D'Ann... So much beauty. So much inspiration!

- Kristine
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Hard to find the words to thank D'Ann for the amazing experience that this retreat was. Of all the workshop/retreats/photo learning events I have attended this was by far my favorite. It is clear how much thought and intention went into every little detail and we could feel that. I feel like I grew not only professionally but also personally. I truly hope to continue learning from D'Ann in the future because her talent, kindness and class are unmatched.

- Sabrina
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A friend was asking me about the retreat, and I explained to her how profound and life changing the experience was for me. Once I got home and had some time to process everything, I was thinking about how I couldn’t sleep while I was there. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I realized that the last time I felt that way was the two days that my kids were born. Once they were placed in my arms the experience was so big and life altering that my body responded by wanting to just stay awake and savor every moment. While I was there I just wanted to take it all in - it was amazing and beautiful and perfect - and I’m forever grateful to D'Ann for putting such an amazing retreat together!

- Deanna
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D'Ann's Farm & Fairytale retreat was just that- a fairytale. Going into any new situation is always a bit intimidating because you never really know what to expect. But the mood and comfort that D'Ann was able to set from the very beginning was unmatched. Photographers of all levels will take something away from this retreat. I laughed, I cried, I was inspired, and by the end of the trip, I was ready to come home and create some of my own magic. Thank you, D'Ann, for creating such a warm environment. This won't be the last F&F retreat that I attend.

- Alex
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The Farm and Fairytale Workshop was an absolutely fabulous dream from beginning to end! An experience that I am beyond grateful to have experienced! D’Ann is such a beautiful and sweet soul who welcomes you into her home and her world, that is what dreams are made of. We had many opportunities in several locations around her home to shoot beautiful models, in the stunning landscape of Colorado, with off camera flash with instruction. This experience along with meeting so many talented and beautiful souls will be an experience that I will treasure. Thank you, D’Ann for making this such a beautiful and memorable experience!!

- Heather E.
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Golden grasses, gorgeous light, flower fields…The Farm and Fairytale Workshop hosted by D’Ann Boal of Smitten and Swoon Photography, was a dream workshop! It surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds! D’Ann is the most gracious host. Her sweet farm is a dream to experience. The food, friendship and learning was simply amazing. I felt that I mattered and it boosted my confidence more than I could have ever hoped for. The best part, I made twelve dear friends for life!

- Kathy
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D’Ann is a really amazing teacher who shares her knowledge and experiences so well.
I loved all the photoshoots she had planned for us! The locations were magical & beautiful and I learned so much about using light - both natural and created. The warm and including atmosphere D’Ann creates around her truly made this workshop feel like home.

- Aase
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You will walk away from this workshop with a full heart, hands-on guidance from D’Ann, great conversations and feeling creatively refreshed. From the moment you arrive you are enveloped in D’Ann’s warmth and love of photography—you can’t help but soak in her love of all-things light, peacefulness and lifting up everyone around her. Even as a first-time small group photography workshop attendee, who was nervous to attend, I couldn’t help but feel comfortable and excited to be there! My nerves quickly disappeared. I was able to be guided out of my comfort zone through D’Ann’s amazing planned sessions in different locations and lighting scenarios. Farm & Fairytale filled my heart and my SD card! This is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

- Sally
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  • Flight to Denver International Airport – Boulder is an easy 40-minute drive from the airport
  • Hotel in Boulder
    • Fancy options
      • St. Julian – amazing location, wonderful spa, beautiful rooms, walk to hiking and Pearl Street, Boulder’s best hotel
      • Boulderado – amazing location, historic hotel, walk to hiking and Pearl Street
    • Mid-Range options
      • Embassy Suites by Hilton – downtown Boulder
      • Hilton Garden Inn – downtown Boulder
      • Plenty of other nearby options to research on your own as well
  • Car Rental
  • Food & Alcohol (except as noted above)

*Friday, August 30th Optional Business Intensive Add-On $500

3 weeks before the workshop you can send me your pricing, business goals, and client communication. You will be provided with detailed video feedback 2-3 weeks after the workshop. In this personalized video, I will help you reach your business goals and give you the tools you need to be more profitable and avoid burnout while giving clients an amazing experience.

We will also have a business intensive at D’Ann’s studio & a yummy lunch on Friday from 11-2pm.

This includes a business presentation walking you through every step of setting up a valuable business from the first email to the delivery of your final products. I will show you how and why to run in person sales appointments, the products that provide the most profits, how to communicate to clients, how to under promise and over deliver every step of the way, and how to set every session up for profit.

During this session we will have time for open discussion and Q&A.

You will walk away with:

  • Strategies to communicate effectively with clients
  • An understanding of how to price yourself for profit
  • The ins and outs of in-person sales appointments
  • The ability to be highly profitable
  • Marketing tips

Price: $2000

25% deposit due upon booking ($500)

Payment options:
1 final payment of $1500 – April 3rd *($50 discount!)
Or 2 payments of $750 – April 3rd and June 5th

*Business Intensive Add-On: $500

Use link below to apply.

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