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WHEN I WAS IN SECOND GRADE my teacher wore a blue apron with pockets where she kept magnets, stickers and chalk. She was the most magical person I’d ever seen, and it was then I decided to become a teacher when I grew up.

When I graduated with my Masters degree in education and became a teacher all those years later, I felt all my childhood dreams had come true. Teaching is part of my heart, and is one of those things I feel I was put on this earth to do.

Although I no longer have a classroom full of children to teach, I am passionate about sharing what has taken me years to learn with photographers honing their craft. Today I teach at conferences around the country, I am a Mentor at Clickin Moms, and I host a photography retreat for lovers of light.

Thank you for your interest in learning from me!

Learn to use the light in your home to create simple & beautiful portraits one room at a time.

This $25 e-learning course includes shooting videos, editing videos and a PDF to help guide your learning.

Price: $25

Want your photos to get more than a passing “like”? People remember photos that tell a story. And I will show YOU exactly how to use light, composition, pose, and processing to produce storytelling photos that people remember.

Price: $60

This 4-week workshop will help you learn how to “find the light” and take your natural light photography game to the next level! You’ll learn how to see and use light effectively, assess the quality of the light and manipulate it through a variety of techniques.

$150 – Study Along $300 – Full Participation

A sky can impact an image more than any other element.

In this package, I am sharing my prettiest sky collection from Colorado sunsets to midday clouds, rainbows and sun flares.

Price: $28

Set yourself apart as a valuable photographer with a custom price catalog to share with your clients.

Price: $150

Join us for a luxurious 3-night getaway in the Rockies with like-minded women who are inspired by light.

2020: SOLD OUT
Stay tuned for more events coming in 2021!

Would you like a portfolio review? Need help with wording your client contract or questionnaire? Want me to look over your pricing structure or help you organize your workflow?

$175 – 30 minutes
$250 – 60 minutes
$1200 – Six 60-minute sessions

Join me for a phone call or Skype session where I will answer your questions, and help you set up your business – from the heart – for success.

$175 – 30 minutes
$250 – 60 minutes
$1200 – Six 60-minute sessions

Join me via a recorded Skype lesson (so you can revisit it again and again) where I will edit either my images for you to see, or YOUR images while you watch.

$175 – 30 minutes
$250 – 60 minutes
$1200 – Six 60-minute sessions

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