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Do you want to elevate your photography and bring magic into your work? Do you want your heart to guide your storytelling? Join D’Ann Boal of Smitten & Swoon Photography as she takes you behind the scenes and teaches you everything she knows about creating magical works of art. From light and composition to clothing, posing, and finding your own artistic voice D’Ann will teach you how to become a storyteller. In a series of five shooting videos, you’ll learn how D’Ann photographs in every type of light from bright backlight to tiny pockets of light inside her home at night. You’ll learn to photograph everything from silhouettes and portraits with creamy skin tones to images full of emotion and beautiful backlight. With 12 editing videos, you’ll learn how to create your own homemade actions in Photoshop. You’ll learn how to get sun flares both in camera and in post-processing and how to edit an image that brings out all the beauty your heart wanted to hold onto from the moment. You’ll learn to follow your heart as an artist and how to capture the magic of all that you love in this world.

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Photography mentor - Boulder - D'Ann Smitten and Swoon Photography One hour mentor

Mentoring Sessions

One Hour online mentor session: $150

One Month of mentoring: $750

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photography workshop titled understanding light: natural light basics 4 week photography class