D'Ann's price guide templates

This 18-page customizable price catalog template will help to set you apart as a more valuable photographer. Think of a beautiful, 5-star restaurant and the menu you would receive. It would be well branded, updated with the season, and polished. Treat your price menu like a fancy restaurant and give your clients a more custom experience from start to finish. With these templates, you’ll be able to show off your gorgeous images, and explain your sessions, packages, and a la carte pricing in detail.

The price guide is perfect for those wanting a detailed catalog of their prices. This can be printed and kept in your studio for clients to refer to during gallery viewings, or sent via pdf to clients to reference as they order prints and packages.

Guide Includes:
* 18 customizable pages.
* Choose between modern or floral design.

Price: $125

$25 off with the purchase of the Welcome Guide 

D'Ann's Colorado skies

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