Mentor Lesson editing

When I’m editing, I like to think of my RAW images as blank canvases that I get to use to express my creative vision.

Want to see how I take an ordinary image and make it sparkle with magic dust? Or how I extend a sky to make it larger than life?
Would you like to see how I add moons, fairy wings, snow and falling leaves?

This is your time, so you get to choose. I can edit images of my own from start to finish for you to see my workflow, or I can edit your own images for you to see what they can become.

Your 3o or 6o minute lesson includes:

  • Several emails before we meet
  • Mentor lesson via Skype where I’ll share my computer screen with you, and I’ll record the lesson so you can watch it again and again
  • A follow up email or two to make sure your learning resonates

Use this form to send me an email. Please give me 24 hours to get back to you.

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