Birthday Photo Sessions

Introducing Smitten & Swoon BIRTHDAY SESSIONS

I’ve been doing quick birthday sessions for my children just before their birthday  for years.  My collection of custom photo birthday invitations is starting to grow.   As I look back on these invites, I’m realizing how grateful I am for stopping and taking a great picture and creating an invitation that shows who they were at the time.  Last year Arabella loved purple and butterflies, but who knows what she’ll love next year?  I have received so much positive feedback about these birthday images and custom party invitations, that I’m going to start offering Birthday Sessions.  You get to come in a month before your child’s birthday for a quick photo session.  They can bring anything they love: a cape, superhero costume, the bunny they sleep with at night, etc. and I’ll capture their smile, laughter, and personality in a quick photo session.  Someday I’ll have a treasure box with a beautiful picture and custom designed card for each year of my kid’s growing up.  That’s the kind of thing that sits on the shelf and becomes more of a treasure each year.

What you get:

20-30 minute photo session at my studio and gardens

Gallery Viewing Consultation

25 custom designed birthday invitations

4 prints 8×10 and smaller


front of card
back of card
front of card

Boulder Birthday Photo Session

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