Six month photo session {Boulder baby photographer}

I had so much fun smiling and laughing with Lochlan at his six month photo session last week.  At six months, it’s all about sitting up, showing off baby’s confident smiles, and capturing their eyes looking right at the camera.  At Lochlan’s three month photo session  we got a lot of smiling photos, and I think we got even more genuine smiles and joy at his six month photo session.  Lochlan’s parents always come prepared with some creative ideas of their own.  Since we used a blanket while he layed down at his three month session, we used it again as he was sitting up for this session.  I love the texture and soft blue color.  I love how covering him with a blanket brings out the beauty of his perfect baby skin.  My favorite baby photos are with a baby looking up and smiling at the camera.  There’s nowhere to look but right in their eyes.  Lochlan’s eyes are so big and happy here.  After our studio photos, we went outside to the pasture and took some family photos and a few with my horse Sigfried.  Lochlan loves horses and was overjoyed that he got to pet and love on our gentle horse.  It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway done with Lochlan’s first year baby plan.  Just two more photo sessions to go until he’s completed this first year full of change and milestones.  My favorite thing about the first year baby plan is that we get to photograph your baby as they grow through all the changing seasons.  You get the green of spring, the vibrancy of summer, the colors of fall and the golden light of winter.  At the end of the year when you flip through your baby album, you’ll see so much growth throughout the year.  I can’t wait to photograph Lochlan when he’s standing again in May.   Here’s a peek at his six month photo session…

six month baby boy looking up smiling {boulder baby photographer} baby boy and mom smiling at white horse six month photo session {boulder baby photographer} smiling baby boy sitting up with a blue blanket {boulder baby photographer}

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