Boulder Senior Photographer


Boulder Senior Photographer

As the senior photo deadlines begin to approach, I have been busy photographing a lot of fun senior sessions.  I’ve been so busy, in fact, I’ve hardly been keeping up with this blog at all.  I absolutely love it when seniors want to incorporate their passions into their senior photo session.  This is the one and only time in your life when you get photography like this to mark and celebrate this time.  I had sessions with David and Stuart of Fairview High School.  David plays ultimate frisby and Stuart is a skier.

We decided to go on top of Flagstaff to photograph Stuart.  The location was perfect to catch some great natural backgrounds and also allowed us to get creative with his skis.   Towards the end of the session we watched the most gorgeous sunset.  We had to take a second to sit and take in all the beauty.  He did a great job posing/balancing on the rocks.  We even had a few spectators cheer us on.

David had a 30 minute session and we made the most of every minute.   The last half of the shoot we spent capturing him playing frisbee.  I can attest to his skills!  He was able to throw the disc just above the camera every time.  We got some fun shots.

Bringing your sport or hobby to the shoot is a great way to add variety to your photos and to show off your passion.   Let us know what it is you love to do and we will create the perfect photo session to capture you in your element. senior-photographer-boulder Boulder-senior-photographer sunset creative-photography