Boulder Senior Portraits – Callie

Boulder senior portraits for the summer season have begun.  Callie was the first model of Smitten & Swoon’s 2014 senior class, and she set a high bar for gorgeous portraits.  With a background in acting from L.A., she’s so comfortable in front of the lens.  I love it when my subject has a wide range of looks.  Callie is super-model beautiful smiling, laughing, serious, winking – the girl has every look imaginable.  We were able to capture several super creative images and had a lot of fun doing it.   One of my missions of every photo session is to do something unique and new that I’ve never done before.  The one in the field with the Flatirons in the background is my new backyard and I’m so excited to share it with my clients.  We shot that image just after the sun went down when the lighting was magic and soft.  When you walk through the alleyways of downtown Boulder and start looking, you’ll notice so many cool textures and colors for senior portraits.  From walls of rainbow bricks to ratty old doors, there’s an awesome setting nearly every 10 feet.  When the aperture is open to a dreamy, low 2.8 you get all those beautiful circles of bokeh in the background.   I shot all these images using my Nikon D800 and most of the images with my trusty 70-200mm 2.8.  Enjoy this peek at Callie’s senior session!