Elements of taking an amazing photo

In my career as a professional photographer, I have learned there are many elements of taking an amazing photo.  Elements that go far beyond the the f-stop and shutter speed.  Once you’re shooting in manual and getting a perfect exposure in every frame, the learning really begins.  I have been lucky enough to learn from a most talented mentor.  Like most things, the learning evolves slowly.  You get a great tip and you put it in your pocket.  Soon enough, your pockets are full of knowledge.  The learning never ends.

Every week someone asks if they can come watch a photo shoot, or take lessons or learn some tips to better their photography.  I will start blogging some of my favorite elements to taking an amazing photo.  The most important one being to just be prolific.

Shooting down on your subject:  In the first image, I took a picture of this high school senior straight on.  There is nothing dynamic or interesting going on here.  In the second picture, I had her lean down and I stood above her, shooting down.  Her face is beautiful looking up and the depth of field is so much more interesting.  Try standing taller than your subject and shooting down on them.  Everyone looks more beautiful when they’re looking up at you

BEFORE – shooting my subject straight on
AFTER – shooting down on my subject. So much prettier!