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Family Photographer Boulder

smitten & swoon

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Family Photographer Boulder | Smitten & Swoon

This was one of my favorite photo sessions ever.  It started out windy and cold, and it wasn’t the most beautiful day.  But as soon as this family arrived it warmed up, the wind stopped blowing and the sun came out.  This family is the perfect example of what to wear to your photo shoot.  Their colors match effortlessly.  They fit perfectly. Everything matches the surroundings yet doesn’t feel overdone.  It’s not as easy as it looks to pull off clothes that work this well together.  The lack of pattern and presence of texture is what pulls all the pieces together. There are just three main colors –  navy, gold, and blue.  It all works so well.  Match it with the golden fields of wheat and you have a swoon worthy combination.  And the warm sun’s beams of light were helpful too.  As were the blues of the mountains and the sky.  Sometimes I have to take a step back and look at these amazing backgrounds that I get to take my clients to.  Colorado’s golds and blues are breathtaking, and I’m so lucky to live so close to all this beauty.  I love sharing this with my clients and giving them a gallery of images they will treasure throughout their lives.

I tried something that I’ve never done before at this session.  This sweet little girl loves horses and when she came to say hi to my horse Sigfried and feed him an apple, I knew I had the workings of a piece of art.  I made a non-fiction moment fiction.  Turning my pasture into a meadow of wildflowers and my mustang into a girl’s dream of a white unicorn, I transformed the image into a fairytale.  The magic of photoshop has just reached higher heights for me!