Newborn Baby Posing Boulder Colorado Portrait Photography

Newborn Baby Posing – Boulder Colorado Portrait Photography

Brrrrr…It’s cold outside.  But it’s toasty warm in my newborn studio just north of Boulder!  Meet Olivia: 10 days new


Smitten & Swoon is Boulder’s photography studio specializing in newborn photos.

Olivia’s parents braved the snow and cold all the way from Littleton Colorado to come to my warm and toasty newborn studio in Boulder.  This was Olivia’s first professional photo session, and her parents wanted to keep the posing and props very simple and soft.  I don’t like to use ostentatious props with newborns.  I think newborn art is best when the baby is the highlight.  My favorite place for props is JD vintage props with her huge selection of vintage buckets, blankets and throws.   Each and every newborn photo session is different – I never use the same props in the same way twice.   It makes my job so fun thinking of new colors, new wraps and finding new props.  The hair pretties and knitted blankets are all homemade.  I really love this chunky big bump braided blanket.  The texture reminds me of cinnamon roll dough.  Olivia is ten days new, and oh so beautiful.  She smiled, slept soundly, and just curled up perfectly for each and every pose.  I can’t wait to post more from this photo session.