Portrait Photographer Boulder


Portrait Photographer Boulder

My kids are getting so good at being in front of a big wide open lens.  They know the dreamy smile I love.  They know to be still.  They know to get close and loving to each other.  I cherish the images I’ve taken of my children more than any other thing.  Every year I make a beautiful album of all 12 months.  It always amazes me how they never tire of looking through them.  When it’s just before dinnertime (the witching hour) and they are grumpy and wild, I can sit them down on the couch while I’m cooking and hand them an album and they are instantly settled.  These images settle me as well.  It’s like documented proof of their magical childhood.  It proves to me that I’m not missing out on being there to soak it in.  I never go to sleep at night feeling like I did it all.  I never feel like there’s been enough time to hug and play and be truly present with them.  These photographs prove otherwise.  I’m so thankful for the power of photography.  I’m also so thankful for beautiful light!  And I’m thankful for summer vacation.  For sunsets and beaches and sibling love.


Smitten & Swoon is a Portrait Photographer in Boulder Colorado.  Specializing in newborns, babies and children, I use natural light and a lens that’s almost always wide open to the lowest of apertures.

These images were shot with my Nikon D800 and my Nikon 85mm1.4 lens.

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