Baby Dreams – Ft. Collins Studio Photography

This session of baby dreams was taken at my colleague’s Ft. Collins studio.  Desiree Suchy of Photography by Desiree and I often team up when we photograph the freshly born.  It’s so nice to have an extra set of hands to help fold, hold and whisper shhh’s in the baby’s ear.    Newborn photography is the reason I became a professional photographer, and it was at a newborn workshop more than a year ago that I met Desiree – who has become my teacher and one of my greatest friends.

When my babies were newly born, I longed for these sweet, dreamy images.  They capture that baby bliss I dreamt about before my little ones were born.  Once my babies were warm in my arms, I was tired.  I was in heaven, but there’s so much more to think about (nursing, diapers, laundry, swaddling, the worry that comes with being responsible for your very own human being…) that I didn’t have as many hours in the day to just stare as I wanted and needed.  Amazing newborn photography freezes that time so that you can go back and stare and relish in their tiny perfection when you have a full night’s sleep under your belt.  You can count the tiny toes in your skinny jeans.  You can share the joy and the beauty of that little miracle with all you love when all the worries about sleeping enough or feeding enough or being enough are gone.  And there’s also the added bonus of capturing a smile in a baby’s dream…