Photographing and Posing Newborns

I spent the morning photographing and posing this little newborn in the studio yesterday.  Pretty cute.  The trust and happiness new parents bring into my studio is amazing.  I’m handed this new, warm little baby and left for hours to pose, style, and capture all the perfections.  As I work and wait patiently for tiny fingers to open, for wrists to relax, for eyes to stay closed, for legs to fold into the familiar puzzle they were in the womb, I’m left marveling at this rare and wonderful gift of life.  I’m oohing and ahhing over the beauty of the baby in my care.  Oliver has the most precious head of feathery, soft dark hair.  He has such long fingers, his dad’s ears, and is the calmest sleeper imaginable.   I have the best job in the world.