beautiful family photo session {boulder family photographer}

baby girl sitting in garden wearing pink tutu smiling {boulder baby photographer}

beautiful family photo session {boulder family photographer}

This was the most beautiful family photo session of all time.  It was my sixth photo shoot with these beloved clients and friends and I think each photo session with them gets better.  Their sweet little girl Dannica is the most lovable darling girl, and her sister puppy Bella is like a puppy from a fairytale.  The two of them together are absolutely swoon worthy.  Their mama has one of the most heart warming instagram accounts you can find (@aenny04),  and since she’s so popular on social media she has lots of vendors that send her the most gorgeous custom designed dresses for her baby girl.  This session was full of custom designed dress after custom designed dress.  Each one of a kind outfit looked picture perfect.  We started the photo session in the garden for a little tea party.  These two are so sweet leaning in towards each other!  I love this little tea party set up with the deep greens, my great grandmother’s table cloth and tea set, and my daughter’s little chairs for the party.  Next we went to my blooming garden for some sweet portraits of little Dannica on her own.  I love the image of her looking right up at me.  Look at that sweet face!  Next we went out to my pasture for some fancy butterfly photos and a little magic.  We ended the photo session out past my driveway in the dirt roads with a little vintage bike I purchased at an antique store a few years ago.  Every baby loves being swung in the air by their parents, so I captured some candid photos with big smiles.  The photo shoot was over, but the sun was shining down on my farm and the horses were out grazing grass in the field.  It was too picture perfect to end the session.  So we did a few more photos in the field behind my house with my magical horse Sigfreid saying hello.

I love these summer sessions when we can hop from spot to spot for beautiful and creative photos that tell a story of love, magic and connection.  Here’s just a few from our beautiful session.

little girl tea party in garden with her puppy {boulder family photographer}

little girl on tricycle with her puppy on dirt road {boulder child photographer} family of three swinging baby in air {boulder family photographer} baby girl in garden smiling {boulder baby photographer} baby girl with puppy and butterflies {boulder family photographer}

mother and daughter petting white horse {boulder family photographer}