sleepy newborn boy {boulder newborn photographer}

newborn face in hands pose sleeping baby {boulder newborn photographer}

sleepy newborn boy {boulder newborn photographer}

Sometimes my newborn sessions last 3-4 hours, and I am using every baby-whispering trick up my sleeve to keep them happy, sleeping and settled.  And sometimes my newborn sessions last 1 hour and I am looking around the studio for more pose ideas because I’ve completed all eight setups I had planned and the little one is STILL sleeping.  This session was the latter.  His big sister was the easiest follower of directions of all time.  She snuggled her little brother with so much pride.  This sleepy baby boy was perfect for each and every pose.  My assistant and I agreed that this session was more like posing a sleeping baby doll than it was posing a sleeping baby!

We used lots of neutral and soft colors for this session.  For the beanbag flow posing, we started with some simple creamy whites.  His mama requested the froggy pose where baby holds his cheeks in his hands.  It’s a more advanced pose and I like my babies to be really sleepy before slowly positioning them.  This little guy just melted into it so easily.  I love his blue pants and his tiny toes wrapping around so you can see them.  Next, we did my favorite pose on the beanbag, with his little knee to his elbow and all those yummy baby wrinkles showing on his belly.  The 4th beanbag pose was all blue with a little homemade bonnet that I just finished.  My favorite part about this pose is how perfectly you can see their face features and their tiny little fingers.  Next we went outside for a photo in my beautiful garden.  I love how the light shines down in the morning.  It casts the perfect warmth over all the green.  Here’s a few from this beautiful sleepy newborn boy photo session.

sibling photo with newborn baby {boulder newborn photographer}


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