Click Pro Acceptance

I just received my Click Pro Acceptance and I couldn’t be more excited.  It has been a goal of mine for years to apply and be accepted to the elite group of photographers known as Click Pro.   It was through the exceptionally inspiring community of photographers at Clickinmoms.  The application process is daunting.  A portfolio of 150 images must be submitted for review by master photographers.  Each and every image is judged on seven different categories and each image is given a score from one (beginner) to six (exceptional).  The categories are as follows: Use of Light, Creativity Expression and Intention, Processing Cohesion and Polish, Technical Basics, Composition and Posing, Color and White Balance, and the Exposure triangle.  Applicants must receive a total score of 32 to be accepted as an expert.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read my score and saw a 36 shining up at me.  My goal as a photographer has been to express my creativity and have a focused intent that shines in all my photos across the board.  We each have our unique voices in this world, and finding it behind the lens has been quite the journey for me.  What I’ve discovered about my voice as an artist is that I’m always drawn to light.  The beautiful landscape of Colorado has woven into my style as well.  I love taking photos at sunset with golden light and sweeping views of the golden grasses and mountains behind them.  I have such gratitude for Clickinmoms and the high standards they hold for their ClickPros.  I am humbled to be among them.  The ClickPro acceptance gives me many new opportunities to present my work to a wider community, to teach classes, and to engage with an elite group of photographers in a community where I can learn more and grow more as an artist.

Here’s my new fancy badge!  Sooooooo excited!!!!

little girl petting her white horse by a barn at sunset