Baby Girl’s First Year {Boulder Baby Photographer}

I am so excited to share with you a super short video I made of a peek into this baby girl’s first year.  I have been photographing little Dannica and her beautiful (I mean beautiful) family for over a year.  It’s like a surprise each time their car pulls up to my studio to see how their baby girl has grown and changed in the three to four months since our last photo session.  At our newborn session, Dannica slept perfectly.  Her puppy Bella was excited to romp around our farm, check out our chickens and play for a morning in the fresh air.  But then when it was time for her to pose with her baby sister, she was the perfect puppy.  I love the pinks and soft, muted colors we used for her newborn photo session.  At her three month session, we did a mini fall session in my backyard.  It was a beautiful sunset and I was happy to capture the love and connection between this family.  The six month session was a snowy wonderland.  This was our white photo session of the year.  White clothes, white snow, a white couch, a white teepee – white everything.  The nine month session was my favorite.  This was the spring green session in May.  There are about two to three weeks in Colorado before the grass has turned to gold when everything is the brightest shade of emerald.  We timed this session perfectly.  Finally, our end of the year (at 18 months – we wanted to wait until Dannica was really walking well) session.  I was a little worried that the final session of the year was taking place in January.  But it turned out to be one of my favorite photo sessions of my whole entire life.  The sky was the dreamiest sunset pink.  The tones were soft.  Dannica was as cute as ever, and her faithful sister puppy Bella was perfect too.  I am so proud of offer a unique first year baby plan that includes a custom coffee table book full of all the photos at the end of the year.  The First Year Baby Plan is my favorite part about being a photographer.  Enjoy this peek into Dannica’s year!


Baby Girl’s First Year {Boulder baby photographer}