Eleven year old portraits ~ {Boulder child photographer}

My dear friend knew she wanted to capture this milestone in her daughter’s life and get her eleven year old portraits taken.  I think the years from 10 – 17 are the lost years of childhood.  Babies get their photos taken if not every three months, then at least yearly.  Kids between the ages of 4-8 are still so cute and easily photographed. Then there’s this gap in the early and mid teenage years where we stop photographing kids!  Maybe it’s because they have braces, or they lack confidence to have a photo shoot.  Maybe it’s because we get so busy during these hectic child raising years.  When high school seniors book me to be their photographer I always ask when is the last time they had a professional photo session.  Time and time I hear, “Not since he/she was a baby!”  Well I’m here to say that these years are important.  Maybe even the most important years for photos.  Tweens and teens are getting hammered with pressures from media every day of their lives.  What a crucial time to stop, take some photos, have them stop looking at others and really notice the beauty of themselves.  With beautiful photography they then get to share their best selves with the world.  As a photographer you have to work gently to find the real emotion within an eleven year old.  This photo session was just the best because we were able to capture the beauty of Imogen in my favorite location with the most glorious light and in the most relaxed and natural way.  The wind blew her hair around her freckled face, she strolled through the golden field, and we even had time for a sister brother portrait at the end.

11 year old girl with wind blowing into her freckled face {boulder child photographer} 11 year old portrait of girl walking through golden field at sunset {boulder portrait photographer} 11 year old portrait {boulder portrait photographer} sister and brother leaning into each other smiling at the camera {boulder child photographer} 11 year old girl portrait {boulder portrait photographer}

D’Ann Boal of Smitten & Swoon is a child, baby, family and senior photographer specializing in custom photography as an art form.  Contact D’Ann for photo session inquiries.