Photo sessions with my children

Photo sessions with my children are a daily occurrence in my world.  My camera is never more than a room away.  Always charged up and ready to go when a beautiful moment happens.  So many of my clients ask me if I’m too tired of taking photos for a living to take photos of my children.  I find the opposite to be true.  The more photos I take of my clients, the more inspired I am to get photo sessions with my children.  I am constantly inspired by other photographers on Instagram, in my favorite photography magazine Click, and in daily occurrences like light shining through the window.  The love my children have for their dad and their pets.  Taking photos of my children helps me be a better photographer.  I’m loving some of the recent photos I’ve taken of my children.  My son has such a connection to his parakeet.  The two are never apart when my son is home.  Calvin can call, “Come here, Hobbes!” and Hobbes will come flying through the house in search of Calvin’s shoulder.  Our beloved puppy Jedi is always searching for someone’s lap, for a bright window with sunlight coming through, and for a hug.  I’ve made a pledge to get in the frame in 2017.  Putting my tripod to use, and using some refrigerator light magic, I took this photo of my daughter cuddling in my lap.  It’s a photo I know I’ll look back on as she gets older and treasure more and more with each passing year.  The joys of childhood whether it’s playing with balloons in a golden field or jumping in the snow are getting captured at my house.  And even though they complain when they see me coming over with my camera again, they sure don’t complain as they pour through the albums of their lives year after year.  Here’s a few of my favorite photo sessions with my children from the past few weeks.

boy smiling at parakeet on his shoulder children jumping into piles of snow girl playing with balloons in a field daughter cuddling in mom's lap boy hugging his puppy in beautiful light