creative senior photography {Boulder senior photographer}

I love creative senior photography and sessions where I get to be artistic.  This gorgeous high school senior drove to my Boulder photography studio all the way from Missouri for her senior photos.  Every year a handful of clients make a journey to Boulder for their photo session with me, and I’m always so honored that someone would travel this far for a photo session.  I always feel extra pressure for the weather to be perfect and extra hopeful for a beautiful sunset because there are no re-dos with out of state clients.  The day of this photo session the forecast called for rain and storms.  We kept our fingers crossed and visualized sun and warmth and that’s exactly what we got.  It was the most beautiful night.

We started the photo session in my garden and Hannah wore a bright turquoise dress that matched the color of her eyes almost exactly.  Next we drove to a beautiful field and took some family photos.  The sun shined down on us and warmed each image with rim light, sun flares and a golden glow.  Hannah purchased these awesome confetti grendades.  They made more confetti than anything I’ve seen and felt so celebratory.  Next, we drove down the road for some more photos.  Hannah is a double black belt and had this idea to lay each of her belts in the middle of the road and to sit at the end of the road with her double black belt around her neck.  We had to jump in and out of the road several times and laughed at ourselves for the lengths we were going to for these images.  But it was so worth it.  Finally, we went to a beautiful lake and Hannah wore her prom dress.  This is the prettiest dress I’ve ever photographed.  White fluffy tulle.  Beaded flowers on the body.  She looked like a fairytale princess.  With bravery, she got into the water for some really awesome and dramatic images.  The clouds, the reflection, the shiny highlights in the water…it was all like a watercolor painting.  This was a magical photo session and such a great one to start off the season of senior photography.

senior girl in prom dress in lake {boulder senior photographer} senior girl dancing in water with prom dress {boulder creative senior photographer} senior prom dress in water {boulder senior photographer} senior portrait in road with martial arts belts {boulder senior photographer} senior photo with confetti grenade {boulder senior photographer} family of four walking through field {boulder family photographer} senior portrait turquoise dress {boulder senior photographer}