fine art portraits {boulder portrait photographer}

I had the chance to attend a workshop and learn more about fine art portraits from the amazingly talented and world famous Elena Shumilova.  Palo Alto, California was the setting and the models were these beautiful children.  Photographing fine art portraits is my passion and I left the workshop more inspired than ever.  We went to the most beautiful farm with a river, spring green trees, flowers, chickens and little paths leading into light.  The children who modeled for us were dressed perfectly.  Not too fancy, but timeless.  I love the white lacy dress and braided hair.  We used an old tricycle for the little girl to ride, and had her play with a sweet puppy.  The big trees in California with their twisted roots and moss covered bark were the perfect lines for the photo of the little girl sitting on the tree.  I have been spending this past year studying light and refining my photography, letting light be a storyteller as much as the subject.  I love warm backlight.  I’m drawn to candid lifestyle poses with a bit of magic.  When animals, children and beautiful light are combined together, there is a timeless magic that happens.  Living on a farm with chickens and horses, barn cats and a dog that will forever look like a puppy, gives me so many opportunities to photograph my children with their furry and feathered friends.  Returning from California, I have renewed inspiration to photograph my subjects this spring with the magical light I love so much.  We just got some chicks and ducklings and I have been having so much fun photographing the joy of my children when holding these babies.  I look forward to using the skills I learned from Elena at the many spring photo sessions I have in the coming weeks.

girl riding tricycle with king charles puppy {boulder portrait photographer}girl sitting on big old tree near river {boulder photographer} grandpa helping boy ride tricycle on a farm {boulder child photographer}girl walking on log on river {boulder portrait photographer}