Mother and son photos {boulder family photographer}

A little over a year ago I received a call from a woman who wanted to get her best friend some mother and son photos as a Christmas gift.  Isn’t this the kindest gift to give to a friend?  These two friends are soul sisters and waited for a time when they all could be together for the session.  I believe all mothers should be photographed with their children.  There is something about a portrait of a mother with her child that just makes me swoon.  It’s why every Mother’s Day I get out my tripod and wrangle my kids around me for a photo.  Mothers are so often the ones taking the photos that before you know it, a childhood has passed and there is little evidence of the loving moments between her and her children.  For this photo session we went to one of my favorite fields near my studio  and stopped for a few photos along the dirt road as well.  To get the cute smile and genuine faces from a seven year old boy, we had lots of talks about jelly beans.  Jelly beans that taste like old fish?  Jelly beans the flavor of a dirty shoe?  Those are the kinds of conversations that get a seven year old smiling.  And once they’re smiling, they’re usually willing to open up with some genuine connection.  Which is exactly what happened when I took the photo of this beautiful mom with her son in the field.  After I got the photo of this mother and son, we spent some time taking photos of the best friends.  It was a joyful one hour sunset photo session.  I can’t wait to see the 20×30 metal print that was selected from this session.  I have so many more spring family photo sessions coming up and look forward especially to all the mother and child photos I will be taking.

mother and son in a field at sunsetseven year old boy against a fence black and white best friends leaning on each other