magical family photo session {boulder family photographer}

Here’s a peek of a magical family photo session.  A few months ago this family booked their family photo session with the hopes for photos with a little magic. This family is moving away from Colorado and wanted a photo session to capture the beauty of this state, and the love they had for their time spent here.   They wanted a session with maximum magic.   Sometimes sunlight is all it takes for magic.  Sometimes it’s connection.  Or happiness.  Or some homemade sparkle dust in post processing.  Sometimes it’s a mix of everything.  This photo session was like a fairytale from the first photo until the sun dipped below the horizon.  Everyone was impeccably dressed.  The mom’s white dress and glamorous necklace added such beautiful sparkle to each photo.  The sister’s wore the fanciest headbands, and their dresses were fit for a princess.  With dad wearing masculine pink, the family photos were tied together to perfection.  We started off the session with a teepee that I decorated with flowers.  These little girls were so happy in there and content to smile and laugh.  Next, I had set up a little tea party in pretty light.  I think the girls would have been happy to stay here for the entire length of the photo session.  After the tea party, we traveled to my favorite field where we took several candid family photos.  Big sister found my vintage tricycle and rode it down the little trail.  As the sun made its way toward the mountains, I was able to get beautiful backlight and the prettiest sun flare for some wide angle family photos.  Finally, we ended the photo session with this little girl painting the moon.  I got a really low angle to include as much sky as possible, lowered my exposure to create a silhouette, and she made this fairytale image come to life.  Enjoy this peek at this magical family photo session!little girls sitting in teepee with flowers {boulder child photographer}girls garden tea party {boulder baby photographer}family photo in beautiful field {boulder family photographer} family of four in field {boulder family photographer}  little girl in pink dress with old tricycle {boulder child photographer}little girl painting the moon {boulder child photographer}