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Maternity and Newborn Photography – Boulder Photographer

This beautiful mom and I planned a winter photo session for her maternity pictures.  Sessions like these make me so grateful for Colorado.  I often go around thinking and saying that Colorado is such a dry brown state (and it is).  But give me a dreary field with nothing but dead weeds, add some late-day light and you’ve got a magical field of sparkling gold.  I love using a low aperture when photographing subjects in golden fields.  It lets all the bokeh in and really makes an ordinary field look like something from a dream.  This mom wore a stunning pink dress that we found on Etsy.  Even though I probably wouldn’t wear a dress like this normally, in photos these gowns look so beautiful.  They stick to a pregnant body in all the right places.  They also come in so many colors and styles.  The pink contrasted with the sparkling gold of the field is the prettiest combination.  I loved this maternity session.

Just a few weeks later I got to meet their little baby boy.  Isn’t he the cutest?  I think he smiled in every single pose I put him in.  He was a very sleepy baby.  I love the pose of his tiny body in his dad’s strong hands.  That contrast of tiny and large is just the best.  We posed him in simple gray, baby boy blue, in a little red suit, in hats and not hats, in a wooden basket, and then had time for lots of family photos.  Sometimes I like to expose for all the shadows and really let the light only land on my subject’s faces.  I love these photos when they’re all about connection and love.  This is exactly what we got.  So much love for this new little human.  So much to be grateful for.  Enjoy a peek at this maternity and newborn photography session.  🙂