What to Wear at Your Photo Session

Clothing can make or break your photos, so a little planning and preparation are crucial in deciding what to wear at your photo session.

We want you to wear clothing that represents your personal style, but we also want clothing that flatters you.  The things that look great in person aren’t always the most flattering in photographs, so there are a few key things to keep in mind when deciding what to wear.  We have a clothing guide that we send to all of our clients, and we also have examples on our Pinterest Page.  Here is the cover of our new, beautiful clothing guide.  This family really nailed it with the blues, yellow dress and fancy red shoes.




Here is a picture one of my recent clients sent me as they were brainstorming ideas of what to wear.  I am sure their photos are going to look great with these colors.  Coral, navy, gray, and sky blue look amazing together!


clothing inspiration