How To Take Newborn Photos


I often get asked how to take newborn photos from new photographers or mothers who just want to learn how to take beautiful pictures of their babies.  I’ve found that there are four non-negotiable factors to beautiful newborn photography.

1.  Light –  Photography is all about light, and newborn photography light is really important.  Find a window or french doors that face north or west (for morning light) and pose the baby close to the window.

2.  Lens – The best lens for newborn photography is the 5omm prime 1.4 or 1.2.  This will give you the best composition, depth of field and clarity.  I also use the 60mm 1.4 lens for my macro shots.

3.  Warmth – Make the room as warm as possible so baby feels super cozy.

4.  Props – Everything from the bean bag to the blankets, baskets and hair pretties should be high quality.  These images last forever and cheap props will look even worse in a photograph.  My favorite is J.D. Vintage Props.

We had little Lyria in the studio last week.  She was the sleepiest baby and so beautiful.

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