Baby Photographer Boulder, Colorado

Baby Photographer Boulder, Colorado

Such adorable boys…

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In a three to four hour newborn session I like to see how many different poses and setups I can get.  In this newborn photo session, we got seven completely different setups and poses.  In the beginning of my newborn photography career, I’d feel fortunate to get one great image.  After years of practice and so many little babies in and out of my studio, I am now challenged to choose the image that I like the most because there are so many!  I love this work.  I love the creativity this job asks of me.  I’ve been knitting lots of pant sets, hats and bonnets for my clients.  I have so much fun planning the colors for each setup based on what the parents love and are hoping for.

There’s no time for photography quite like the first days of life.  Every pose and setup can be a piece of art.  Just an image of tiny toes or fingers can be the most beautiful thing. This gallery of images captured the love between the two brothers and the beauty of this family.

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