Dreams you would never dream | Boulder photographer

My work was recently selected to be featured in a national billboard ad campaign to lift our industry up after the pandemic.  When I got the news that I was one of the winners, I was speechless.  A billboard?  Several billboards?  A two page spread in a magazine?  They must have made a mistake… But turns out they didn’t.  It was so fun to dream up an image of a few of my favorite things combined in one frame that would be featured on billboards across Colorado.

When I began photography over a decade ago, I never dreamed of things like this coming my way.  I just yearned to learn how to take a pretty picture.  I stayed up late at night studying.  I had visions in my head that I tried to bring to life that failed. I traded photography for my love of making quilts and baking fancy desserts.  I devoted all my extra time to it.  I’ve been the worst photographer in a room of a photographers.  I’ve worried about starting a photography business in a super artsy town filled with photographers.  I felt like an imposter for years.  Slowly but surely however, with one foot in front of the other, I took more and more and more pictures.  I took pictures everyday.  Slowly but surely, I gained more followers and more clients.  Slowly but surely, I started getting invited to teach.  Slowly but surely I got braver, and my calendar began filling up faster.  Slowly but surely my images started getting selected.  They started to become finalists.  Dreams I would never dream started falling in front of me.

Next week I get to go speak at Imaging in Washington DC and share my love of photography with others.  My image will be on a billboard outside of the convention center.  It never occurred to me to dream this big.  This profession has given me so much abundance and has opened doors I didn’t even know existed.  Enjoy a little peek at my billboard project: