Dreaming images into reality with my Profoto B10

girl in pink dress walking into beautiful water that meets the sky - boulder photographer


Sometimes images are spontaneous, while others are well planned.

This is an image that I imagined, then drew out on a piece of paper.  This lake has been my family’s heaven this summer.  I’ve swum across it just about every day.  We’ve roasted s’mores and stand up paddled under the moon.  We’ve biked here in the morning and haven’t come home ‘til our skin was tan and our bodies tired.  I wanted an image that captured both my gratitude for this water, and also the calm watery peace I’m seeking in my life right now.

When I’m working from a vision in my mind, I want to have control over every aspect of the image so that it turns out the way I imagined.  I don’t want to leave anything up to chance. Often the angle of the sun isn’t where I want it to be.  Or clouds will show up and block the light.  Time and again I find myself working quicker than I’d like to get the shot before the sun sets.

In these circumstances, I love the freedom of slowing down and creating my own light with my Profoto B10.

The B10 is like having sunshine at my fingertips.

It can be back light, front light and side light.  It can glow with warmth.  I can position the light exactly where I want, and control both the quality and the quantity of light – making it warm or cool and soft or intense.  By creating my own light, I’m no longer limited by the weather or the position of the sun in the sky.

I’m free to dream up an image and bring it into reality.girl in lake at sunset boulder photographerFor this session I used my Profoto B10 along with the OCF II gels to warm up the light.  After the sun had set, I placed the light behind my daughter for some backlit images where she twirled and played in the water.  Then I moved the light in front of her to light her up with a sunlit glow to get the final shot I had envisioned.  Since the B10 doesn’t require a plug or any fancy skills, it’s as easy as placing it where you want it and getting the shot.  Small, moveable and intuitive, the B10 enables me to photograph whatever I can imagine.boulder photographer - off camera flash girl twirling in waterI’ll be teaching an editing class called Skies and Whimsical light at Click Away Home September 24th, 2020! Come join to see how I edit simple images for magic!

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