the value of photography | boulder photographer

mom and baby boy snuggling in field - boulder family photographer

the value of photography | boulder photographer

If my house was on fire and I could run inside to grab one thing, I would rush straight to our bookshelves to save my photo albums.  As time passes, the memories and moments contained within them are more priceless with each inch my children grow.  Being a baby, child and family photographer in Boulder means I get to meet hundreds of families each year.  Through all the years I’ve been blessed to photograph the love and joy for my clients, I’ve also been able to witness the value of photography grow and grow.  A dear friend of mine recently attended a funeral of a 38 year old mother of four who was killed in a car accident by an intoxicated driver on Christmas Eve.  Those four children will never be the same again.  They will carry around a sadness for the rest of their lives.  I can hardly breathe when I think how their mom won’t ever be able to give them a kiss and a hug when they need it.  How a photo of her hugging them with all her heart would be as valuable to them as gold.  There’s no guarantee that any of us will be around in the future.  But the love we gave and the love we spread each day will always live in those we share it with.  I have the best job in the world that I get to photograph these priceless, precious moments of love for both my family and for my clients.  I believe photography is one of the most valuable tangible things we can leave behind.  I photograph with all my love and all my heart.  I know that you will love these photos today, but you will absolutely cherish them a year from now, 10 years from now…sixty years from now.

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I’m happy to be in a loop with some other amazing photographers!  First up is Iana.  She is an Aberdeen Professional business headshots and personal branding photographer.  Click the link to read her post about a personal branding session with a family! Smitten & Swoon is a boulder photographer specializing in newborn, child and family photography.  Serving Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Lafayette, Louisville, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, and the whole front range.  the value of photography | boulder photographer

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